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Early Puppy Training


How we perform basic house training with our puppies

It is important that we set boundaries with the puppies and help them form good habits straight off the bat. They will begin learning good house manners with us.

Potty Training

Puppies love to go potty on rugs and soft surface and it bring us a lot of cleaning work in the house. Our puppies will get a head start for potty training with us when they turn four weeks old. We will train the puppies to go on different surfaces like grass, cement and dirt to go potty. 

Eating Areas

Our puppies will learn to have their meals in different area in the house. For example, in the living room, on the porch​ and on the patio. They will get used to have their food in different places.

Exercise and Playing

We provide our puppies a lot of toys to play with. They get a fair amount of exercise and playing each day outdoor. They learn to play with chew toys so they will stay away from the furniture in the house. Once they know that the toys belong to them, they will know other things are off limits.

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