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There’s no better feeling than when we match one of our precious animals with their caring new owner. It’s why we put so much time, love, and effort into making sure these special animals continue to be bred.

Are you ready for a puppy?

A puppy is a commitment. If you are not sure? Let's ask yourself the following questions to help you make your decision.


Have you done your homework?

Spend lots of time researching different breeds. Talk to dog owners and ask them the pros and cons of their breed. We will be perfectly happy to share information with you.

Consider how large the puppy will grow up to be and how big your house or apartment is. The most common reason dogs are surrendered to shelters is a mismatch between the owner’s lifestyle and the dog’s needs. Carefully select the puppy so that he/she is a good match for you and your family. There are many benefits to Adopting A Dog From A Rescue

Do you have enough time for a puppy?

Bringing home a puppy requires a huge commitment of time and patience. When welcoming a new pup into your family, be prepared to invest a lot of hours into potty training, safe socialization with humans and other pets, training them on the rules of your house, and helping them distinguish between toys and off-limit items. Training your pup right off the bat will help them grow to be a well-behaved and obedient dog, however, it will remain an ongoing process. Training is something that should be consistent throughout your dog’s lifetime. Your new pup will demand a lot of your attention and if neglected, they can become very bored which may lead to destructive behavior.

Do I Want The Responsibility?

Vacations, long weekends away and late nights on the town isn't going to happen anymore! You can’t leave your puppy alone for longer than 3 or 4 hours at a time. And even when she’s an adult, a dog is a lifetime commitment. That means 12-15 years of care every single day.

Of course you can have someone watch your fur baby for you while you go on vacation. That leads to the next question. You will need to spend a lot of money on doggy daycare, boarding.

Are you financially prepared ?

Make sure you are ready to take on all the financial responsibilities that come along with your new furry family member. From food, toys, vaccines, cleaning supplies, spaying or neutering, vet trips and potential professional training, doggy daycare and boarding, dogs incur expenses from puppyhood throughout their lives. Keep in mind that emergencies happen, which means unexpected veterinarian bills that can be very costly. Many companies offer pet insurance as a way to offset some of the high veterinary costs with a smaller monthly payment.

So, Are You Still Interested?

If your answer is YES, great! Puppies are wonderful and challenging and fun. Raising a puppy and creating a life-long bond is one of the best experiences you’ll ever know.


Congratulations on your new fur baby! Now you are here because you've made a huge step forward! You are ready to experience  the most wonderful thing -  endless love and joy plus tons of cuddling and snuggling every single day! To prepare for your puppy's arrival of your home, you will for sure need the essentials for your new family member. Knowing what kind of brand you are choosing will be a perfect fit for your puppy is also a good way of saving so much time on researching. 

  • Food and Water Bowls

Some dogs like to eat their food quickly. It can be very dangerous to them. They could choke and get bloated, which can cause serious issues. We use slow feeders like Outward Hound for the boys who eat really fast at home to slow them down. 



Non split Water bowls are our favorite! It keeps the floor dry most of the time. You can even use it in your car. It's very convenient and easy to wash. 

  • Collars and Leashes 

For dog collars and leashes, we tried basically everything. Golden puppies aren't a very strong puller until they are 5 or 6 months old. They go out for walks and get attached by the things all around. Little did we know the puppies are so powerful until your hand starts to hurt. Using a padded Handle dog Leashes would really help. It works like a charm. Our hands stop hurting. You can easily find them on Amazon. 


We had super soft touch leather and nylon collars. The leather ones are very nice, but it comes off very easily. We use martingale dog collars. It's adjustable. It's very durable and super easy to wash. You slip over the collar through your dog's head. It fits very well. When your dog is not pulling on the leash, it will be comfortably loose on the neck. It also prevents the collar to come off when your dog pull on the leash. It has happened to us so many times. It could be a serious safety issue for your pup on the street. Make sure you choose the right size for him/ her.


  • Dog Food

Choosing a good dog food isn't an easy job. There are thousands of products on the market. We give our digs the best food we can to keep them healthy. We have tried a lot of different brands of dog food. 

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